Nejc is an engaging, dynamic, and knowledgeable speaker that never fails to deliver. He will leave your audience entertained, inspirited and motivated to take action.


A combination of years of entrepreneurial experience coupled together with personal insights and views combine to make Nejc uniquely qualified as both a speaker and coach. Nejc gives special attention to detail in working to accommodate the needs of each audience with regard to his public speaking engagements. He is energetic on stage, as he is able to provide expert hands-on business advice.

He has spoken to many different audiences, groups, and teams varying in size from a dozen people to over 500.

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His Current Speaking Topics are:

Feel free to contact Nejc, if you’re interested in booking him for a future event (either in person, or online). We’ll have a chat and see if it feels like a good fit.


What Others are Saying about Nejc's Speaking Engagements:

Jure Sutar
Founder, Level Up

As someone who is regularly attending a lot of lectures, seminars, workshops, and has listened to dozens of speakers – I can easily say Nejc is one of the best in the industry. When he is on the stage you can clearly see that he is enjoying what he is doing.

Lucija Erjavec
Digital Marketing Professional

Nejc was my lecturer on the topic of Social Media when I attended the Digital Marketing Diploma course. Apart from showing great expertise in the SM field, he proved himself to be an excellent, engaging and highly inspirational speaker, capable of equipping his audience with useful and practical knowledge.

Lucija Erjavec
Digital Marketing Professional
Marko Pavicic
COO, Pointme

His workshop How to Step Out of the Comfort Zone was extraordinary. I really enjoyed the workshop and gained knowledge that I could apply, and immediately put into practice.

Ziva Deu
Head of Digital Marketing, Ilirija

Nejc is a great speaker who is also capable of engaging his audience. As a lecturer for Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) he shared truly relevant insights from the social media marketing field.

Ziva Deu
Head of Digital Marketing, Ilirija
Klemen Selakovic
UI & UX designer

Nejc really knows how to captivate the audience with strong storytelling & messages that are crucial in one's personal life. Topics about passion are not talked enough in our society.


About Nejc's Speaking Topics:

Self-awareness and Self-discovery

Nejc experienced some major adversity in his life. Here, he shares his personal story of self-discovery and explains how important is to listen yourself and to practice self-awareness. He’ll show you techniques regarding how to unlock your true meaning and purpose in life.

How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

As an entrepreneur, who constantly needs to step out of his comfort zone, Nejc discusses the phenomenon of a comfort zone from the perspective of neuroscience. Specifically, what happens when we want to step out of our comfort zone and why this is often so damned hard. More importantly, he understands the science of stepping beyond our limits. When we understand the biology of the human brain, the process of stepping beyond our comfort zone becomes much easier.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Nejc is a social media practitioner and certified Digital Marketing Trainer. He truly understands how individuals and companies can captivate people, and offer them a real value. He’ll show you how to be present online in today’s day and age, and will give you practical advice how to reach your specific audience.

How to Build Your Personal Brand and Position Yourself in Front of the Public

Here, Nejc talks about the importance of personal branding and how each individual has the opportunity to powerfully position himself in the online world. He shares all the tips & tricks of how to use the power of World Wide Web to unlock a wealth of untapped personal opportunities.

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