Identify Your Passion with These 2 Simple Questions

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A lot of people have problems identifying their passion. I know it’s hard, especially because it can take you a lot of time to figure out, but I believe this is a process everybody should go through.

identify your passion

I’ve already been writing about passion in my blog post “How to discover your true potential? A go-to guide for making your life meaningful again.”, but today I want to show you how you can identify your passion with 2 simple questions.

I understand there aren’t any shortcuts, but I believe the following 2 questions are so powerful they will uncover your deepest emotions about things you love to do the most in your life.

I perceived the following two questions as the most important ones to identify your passion:

So let me explain both of them.

1. What would you do right now if you had 100 million dollars?

I know what comes to your mind when you start thinking about it: Travelling. Well, at least the majority of you. That’s alright, you should definitely go and do that. But believe me, after a few years you would have enough of that lifestyle. Then, you would start thinking about the things you love to do, how can you make a difference and what kind of an impact you may have during your lifetime.

Do you know why this question is so powerful to me?

Because money doesn’t represent the constraint anymore. When we don’t need to go to work every day just to pay our bills, our mind becomes much more creative. It’s easier to notice a bigger picture and move away from the limitations of daily life activities.

I know you don’t have 100 million dollars right now, but just position yourself in that role. Then, your real emotions will start pouring out of you. Believe me, you’ll discover things about yourself that you’ve never even known existed!

Now, let’s move on to the second question…

2. Imagine you are 70 years old. Looking back on your life, after 70 years, what matters the most to you?

Here, you will need to turn your imagination on! However, I think you’ll experience something similar as with the previous question.

The catch here is that instead of looking from your present point of view, you’ll look from the viewpoint of the future. And once again, your brain cells will start working in a totally different way.

Start visualizing that you are at the end of your lifetime. I understand this task may be very hard and even scary. However, you’ll start thinking about how have you lived, what have you cared about. Have you taken enough time for your loved ones; was your life meaningful and have you left a mark on it.

Let me give you some advice here. In case the outcome differs from the things you currently prioritize in your life, you should act immediately. I advise you to immediately change the course of your life and focus on the things that you’ve revealed matter the most to you.

I know it can get scary, but only in this way, you won’t have any regrets! Believe me, people regret the things they haven’t done the most. Especially at the end of their life. If you don’t believe, just go to a nursing home and ask them yourself.

Final Thoughts on How to Identify Your Passion

So, there you have itthe two questions I perceive as the most powerful ones in the process of identifying your true passions. Now you just need to devote the time for yourself to think deeply about both questions. Take your time and try to connect your thoughts with the emotional system in your brain.

To wrap it up. Was this article on how to identify your passions useful to you?

Let me know by sharing your thoughts, views, and recommendations in the discussion section below. Also, don’t forget to share this blog post with at least one friend who needs to read this.

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