LinkedIn Tips and Tricks: How to Create an Amazing LinkedIn Profile?

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In this blog post, I’ll share some LinkedIn tips and tricks that I’ve used to boost my profile on the biggest social network for professionals.

LinkedIn tips and tricks

Firstly, I would like to say that I see LinkedIn as the perfect tool to use, in order to make your personal brand shine. Especially, when you want to position yourself strategically in the job market, in front of thousands of recruiters. Since more than 92% of recruiters use social media to find high-quality candidates, your great looking LinkedIn profile can and does make a huge difference.

At the time of this writing, LinkedIn has more than 255 million unique monthly visitors and more than 6.5 million active job listings. It’s surely a social media beast when it comes to B2B marketing, making new business connections, positioning yourself in a professional manner, and aiding you in seeking out new job opportunities.

If you are looking for a new challenge within your career, or if you want to land your dream job, you should definitely use the following LinkedIn tips and tricks to leverage your LinkedIn profile.

However, before you do, you should ask yourself the following questions, which will crystallize your thoughts and give you clear guidance, regarding what you want to achieve with your LinkedIn profile:

OK, let’s have a look at LinkedIn tips and tricks now.

1. Publish a Great Profile Photo

This tip is quite straight-forward, but so many people still doesn’t have a great profile photo on their profiles. The first impression is crucial!

Actually, people need less than 1 second to create their first impression of you. This first impression is based on the photo they see on your profile  while they are browsing on LinkedIn.

That’s why your profile photo is the most important part of your LinkedIn profile. When you create an impression about yourself, it’s hard to change it later. You can even have killer job placements listed, awesome recommendations and skills, but the image you created with a profile photo will virtually never be diminished.

linkedin tips and tricks
A poor profile photo.
linkedin tips and tricks
A good profile photo.

Here is some advice for your great-looking profile photo: Be relaxed, smile with your teeth, make eye contact, and dress up for the role you are trying to obtain. I’ve also found a great article, where you will find everything you need to know about a great-looking LinkedIn photo– what goes into it and what to avoid, all backed by data.

So, don’t waste your potential with a poor profile photo. Instead, invest a couple of bucks into your photo. Oh, by the way, statistics show that including a profile photo will result in 14x more profile views.

FYI: Since I understand the power of a great profile photo, I’ve even co-founded a service called the First Impression [Prvi vtis], where business professionals get a portfolio of professional photos.

2. Define your Positioning Statement

After you created a great-looking profile photo you should define your positioning statement as well (if you’ve already developed your own personal brand, just use the positioning statement you created from there).

Your positioning statement or headline is the second thing people see on your LinkedIn profile; just after the profile photo. It’s a short statement that expresses what you offer as well as who you are. Here is an example; how does it appear in the LinkedIn search results.

linkedin tips and tricks

LinkedIn uses your current job experience as a positioning statement unless you edit it. My advice is that you create your own, in order to position yourself clearly and strategically in front of the LinkedIn community.

Ask yourself what you want to communicate and to whom — what is your target audience? By doing this, you’ll help people to understand who you are and if you are the right fit for what they are looking for. Try to keep it clear, short, and include key terms.

3. Write a Summary

A summary usually appears just after the profile photo and a professional heading.

Your summary should be appealing and straight to the point. You should emphasize the crucial points from your career and stress the attributes, which are in line with your positioning. You want to create a memorable summary, which will give a reader a positive perception about you or even initiate a further action.

Present yourself in a professional manner and try to avoid buzzwords. Keep it short and use no more than 300 words.

4. Boost your Portfolio of Top Skills

One of the really powerful sections, which can add a lot of value to your LinkedIn profile is a section, which includes your top skills called Skills & Endorsements.

linkedin tips and tricks

Although this section summarizes your strengths and represents an overall look at your core skills, people don’t put much focus onto it. Why? Because it requires time and a bit of effort.

The way the section works is that LinkedIn algorithm automatically offers your connections your top skills, for others to vote for. However, not many people decide to take a chance and vote. So, the result is a small number of endorsements and a poor outlook to others regarding your top skills.

Fortunately, you can change that. And you definitely should, as the section adds credibility to your profile and shows people what are your core strengths.

I suggest that you write a personal message to your connections and invite them to vote for your chosen top skills. In the message list the skills, which you would like to be endorsed for. However, list only the skills you are competent in and represent your authentic image. Be true to yourself and give people an option to vote only for skills they perceive you as an expert in.

5. Describe Your Experiences – Jobs & Projects you Worked on

Of course, the sections that follow are important, but no-one will look at these unless your profile photo, professional heading, and summary are nailed.

You should start describing your work experiences in chronological order – from the most recent one to the last one. For each, add a company you worked for, add your job position and write a short, but appealing job description.

Additionally, you can add features like media, links, and presentations. Do that as this makes a difference between a good profile and a great one. These features will make your profile more visual and interesting.

Here, is a good example:

linkedin tips and tricks

You can also skip experiences if you believe they will not add additional value to the overall look of your LinkedIn profile (e.g. experiences from the beginning of your career). Some experiences just don’t suit the vision you have for your LinkedIn profile.

Furthermore, for each experience, find at least two people, who will write a recommendation for you. My advice is that you ask one of your co-workers and one person from a company you collaborated with.

Recommendations will round up each experience and give it additional credibility.

6. Get Recommendations from People you Worked with

As mentioned in the previous point, recommendations will give your profile and experiences listed an additional credibility.

But so many times, people don’t use this powerful LinkedIn feature. Their loss is an opportunity for you.

Take time and write to people to whom you think there is the highest probability of receiving a recommendation. Don’t use a generic message, but be creative and write a message based on your unique cooperation with that person.

When written and approved, a recommendation will appear under your chosen experience and somewhere close to the end of your LinkedIn profile under the section “Recommendations”, where all recommendations are gathered.

7. Write Down your Honors & Awards

This is another option for you to show your potential and real value. If you received a reward from your industry, a certificate of excellence, or a special recognition, write them down under this section.

Again, these recognitions will present you in a unique manner, give you credibility, and position you as an expert in your industry. It’s a sign for recruiters that you are a very competent individual in the field of your work.  

Four Extra LinkedIn Tips and Tricks

1. Set your Public Profile URL

By doing this you’ll increase chances of your profile to appear at the top of search results in Google. You should change the URL from whatever it is right now to your first and last name. Here is an example of the vanity URL – and here you’ll find the instructions how to do it.

2. Share your Professional Experience

When you build a powerful LinkedIn profile, it’s time to take a step forward. Start creating some awareness and buzz around yourself by writing articles for the industry you are an expert in.

People who follow you will read your story, learn something new and start to trust you. Besides, you will make a great impression on the potential recruiters out there.

3. Set Up your Profile for a Job Search

When you are open for new opportunities or you are actively looking for a new job, you should definitely use this LinkedIn feature. You should set up your job preferences in order to receive tailored job offers directly to your profile.

You can set up a location of your interest, a range of your experience, industries that you are interested in, and a size of company you would like to work for.

4. Excel your LinkedIn Profile – Subscribe to LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium Accounts are for people who want to accelerate their career or want to land a new job. With a premium account, you get a ton of cool features like access to full profile analytics, direct messaging to recruiters, job application insights and much more. Go ahead and try their 30-day free trial right away.

Let me Know How it Goes

There you have it. These are my personal LinkedIn tips and tricks that I’ve also used on my LinkedIn profile.

Although, my LinkedIn profile may be organized in a bit different manner (there, I focus on my unique positioning, which is somehow different from people working in a corporate sector), I regularly use these LinkedIn tips and tricks, when I advise people how to optimize their LinkedIn profiles.

I encourage you to use these LinkedIn tips and tricks on your profiles too. You will soon notice an upswing in your personal brand and how you’ve established a powerful image in the eyes of other people.

To start with, use the following two LinkedIn profiles as a benchmark:

So go ahead and use these LinkedIn tips and tricks. Let me know how it goes in the comment section below, where you can also share your thoughts, views, and recommendations.

Also, let’s connect – don’t be a stranger and add me as a connection on LinkedIn. ;)

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