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Recently, I’ve come across Gary Vaynerchuk’s 5 rules for how to win the day. The rules really resonated within me, so I’ve decided to share them here on my blog.

win the day

I believe these rules offer a clear guideline for how to win the day, win the year, or even win your entire life. Sure, you can tweak them on your own (replace them with ones that will serve you better) but when they’re set and ready, follow them through each day of your life.

In the fast-paced world we’re living in, it’s so easy to lose your focus. By following your own 5 rules to win the day, you will be able to stay consistent with your A game, and live your life in step with your own beliefs and values.

Now, let’s have a look into Gary’s 5 rules to win the day.

1. Be Confident

Confidence or self-esteem is such a powerful energizer. People with a confident mentality are able to achieve so much more than those without one.

A confident mentality is the result of positive electrical impulses in the human brain. If you think you can do something, a group of neurons is going to form around this thought, which is going to assist a person in order to help them perform a certain task.

Even Henry Ford once said: “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re right.”

The catch is that with a confident mentality, you’ll put your brain in a hypnotic state. Your brain won’t see any obstacles or losing scenariosonly a natural way towards your accomplishments.  

2. Positive Vibes

This one is quite similar to the previous point.

When you put your brain into a positive state of mind and when you surround yourself with people who share these positive emotions with you, you’ll achieve a far better outcome.

Just imagine how negative flow of information can bring you down during certain moments, and how your thoughts are limiting your potential.

Share positivism and focus on positive vibes in your life.

3. Strengths over Weaknesses

I’ve already written about strengths and weaknesses in one of my previous blog posts.

I believe that our society is too focused on the notion of overcoming our deficits and weaknesses, and puts too little emphasis on someone’s strengths.

People will always tell you to fix your deficits. Why? Because it’s much easier to notice someone’s faults and tell them to fix something in order to improve their performance.

But, you can achieve a far greater result if you focus on your pure strengths and team up with someone who is far better than you in the areas of your deficits. There is even a logical and statistically proven explanation about ityou can read more about it here.

So, figure out what you are best at and keep crafting your strengths. At the end of the day, always put your strengths over your weaknesses.

4. Legacy > Currency

This one is huge for me.

It is my belief that in the world we’ve developed, we put too much emphasis on the value of money. People usually work for a company, where they can get the highest paycheck.

I agree, people take their working environment and opportunities for personal development into consideration too, but one of the main criterion is all of the money they can get out of their 9 to 5 work.

It is the consequence of the society we live in, where everything is measured from the perspective of money. But, please understand that in 20, 30, 40 or 50 years from now, you’ll care much more about what people (your kids, friends, family etc.) and the world thought of you. The dollars, the products, the cars don’t matter long term.

Do a quick test of this thought right now. Ask yourself: “How would you like for people see you when you are 80 years old? What matters to you the most?”

The money quickly becomes of minor importance, doesn’t it? Your mind will value other things much more.

Focus on the things you value the most and always put legacy over currency.

5. Hustle

If you don’t work hard, you’ve lost.

There is not a single winner, who succeeded without working hard. If you really want something, you’ll need to put work into it. Hours, days, weeks and years.

It’s true for your love life and for the work you do. In the long run, the results you achieve will always be a consequence of your energy investment.

Final Thoughts on How to Win the Day

At the end, I would like to add 2 rules of my own for how to win the day. These are:

  1. Live healthy…and
  2. Be patient.

Live healthy

In my opinion, it’s extremely important to keep your body in a good shape and to keep a healthy diet filled with nutrient-rich food. In this way, you’ll have more energy throughout a day and be less prone toward diseases. This is one of the top rules that I follow every day.

Be patient

Patience is one of the most powerful virtues. I have to admit that a few years ago I really lacked patience—I wanted to have everything as soon as possible and worked my ass off. Now, I understand that the goals you want to achieve come with time. That’s why I still keep patience in mind as one of my top rules. It constantly reminds me to progress toward my goals in a more balanced and healthy way.

I hope you liked the rules for how to win the day and that you feel encouraged to design a set of rules on your own. Anyway, if you need a bit of extra motivation, here is Gary’s video of 5 rules to win the day. Enjoy!

How did you find my blog post for how to win the day? Have the rules and the video inspired you to try and create a few of your own? You can share your thoughts, views, and recommendations in the comment section below.

Also, please share this blog post with any friends who need to see this.

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